Hosting Options

We offer competitive hosting services for all your website and email hosting requirements including domain name registration.

Flexibility Available
  • If needed we can work with your current hosting provider*
    *subject to their servers being able to support your website requirements
  • or use our "Hassle free option" where we can organise your hosting and email platform for you -
    "... and it will all just work! "
Virtual Private Servers - Security and Speed when you need it

We run our own private cloud hosted servers as a hosting platform for our clients.  So instead of your website fighting for resources with 1,000's of others on a public server you only share with our other clients allowing for faster loading speeds, higher up-time and tighter security all at competitive prices.

Email Accounts Within Your Hosting Plan

Make the space you have work for you.... We only charge you for a set amount of space so your website and email can share it - NO per email account charges.  We will send you a friendly shout out if you get close to filling up your space so you can either clear out your emails OR purchase a larger plan.


      Domain Names and Domain Alias' Registration - We'll sort it for you!

        Don't have a domain name? No problem - we can register one for you. 
        If you choose to host with us we will deal with all your domain names renewals for you.